The Basics of the Dredge Boom

Chasers of pelagic giants are always adapting and looking for new ways to put fish in the boat. Throughout the years, the fishing industry has seen ongoing changes in methodology and gear, working towards trying to catch fish as efficiently as possible. This need brought us different types of boats and tackle that always seems to be evolving. This evolution brought about all the tactics used today. One of the most productive tactics developed overtime was trolling.

Trolling opened up a whole new world for anglers. The strategic method of dragging baits alongside and behind a boat to entice roaming fish to strike is a practice that has been perfected by deep water anglers all around the globe. Trolling is always evolving with the sport of offshore fishing. Anglers are continually adapting to new gear and tactics over time, always looking for ways to increase their hook up percentage.

One of the easiest ways to add another dimension to your trolling spread is to add a dredge. Dredging can be one of the most productive ways to lure more fish into your trolling spread. At first, you may find it a pain to deal with, but it will help you catch more fish offshore. A dredge is a teaser setup, made up of squid or baits that imitate schooling fish, designed to bring deeper roaming fish closer to the baited spread for a better opportunity at getting a bite.

Dredges have revolutionized the industry of sportfishing for billfish and other pelagic species. Having a boom with extended length and durability to pull a double or triple dredge and the ability to get it out into clean water has made a big difference in raising fish, being able to see them, and converting that into a bite.

Typically, you want the dredge teaser 20’-30’ behind the boat in clear water with a running depth of 5’-6’ down or shallower, depending on speed. To achieve this depth, you will need about eight to 10 pounds of lead on the line. Our New XD Poseidon Dredge Boom is just the tool for such a job.

A game-changer for center console fishing, the XD Poseidon Dredge Boom will be what every angler hangs his trophy-class reel on this fall. Seven feet of black fiberglass boom makes smaller center console boats fish like the big boys. This Dredge Boom works perfectly with electric reels, will pull the heaviest of dredges, and will out-pull any other dredge boom on the market.